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Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn30Pb70
Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn30Pb70
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn30Pb70

The solder bar Sn30Pb70 means this is a leaded alloy and it contains of 70% of lead (Pb) and remaining is Tin (Sn). Leaded bar solder has good wetting and fuidity properties, also cost wise is quite economic too. Solder is generally used for wave soldering, dip soldering or metal plating etc...

Properties of tin lead solder bar Sn30Pb70

1. Melting point is 183 to 258℃. Comparing to Sn63Pb37 the eutectic alloy, Sn30Pb70 solder bar is a higher melting point. Namely higher working temperature is needed & the solderjoint can stand with higher temperature for applications whereas a higher temperature resistant property is needed.

2. Low cost. The lead price is just about 1/10 of the tin price, thus a solder bar containing 70% of lead is much cheaper comparing to a solder bar Sn63Pb37 which has higher percentage of tin. The price of Sn30Pb70 is just at about 2/3 price of Sn63Pb36 solder bar.

3. Dull apperance. Due to the higher content of lead inside, Sn30Pb70 looks a bit dull and not as bright silvery color as Sn63Pb37.

Applications of Sn30Pb70 solder bar:

This alloy of bar solder can not be used for some lower to medium end applications as replacement of high tin solder bar, whereas the requirement of solderjoint is not that high. And please be noted that it's prohibited to use leaded solder bar for any portable water pipes soldering.

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