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Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn10Pb90
Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn10Pb90
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn10Pb90

Low tin solder bar Sn10Pb90 is made of a tin at just 10% and lead at 90%. This is considered as a special alloy used for general lower end soldering or for special applications where a solderjoint can be more heat-resistant. As the increasing of lead percentage, the melting point becomes higher and cost of the bar solder becomes lower. This alloy Sn10Pb90 bar solder can only be used in places where ROHS or REACH compliance is not required, because this is a lead containing alloy.

Properties of Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn10Pb90

  1. High temperature solder alloy. This Sn10Pb90 has a melting point at 268-361℃, comparig to Sn63Pb37 the eutectic melting point which is just 183℃, that is 85℃ higher. The working temperature is around 50℃ higher than melting point. So this alloy is not suitable to be used to solder any components that are heat sensitive, otherwise it might cause damange on the components.Special applications that needs a low cost product and high working temperature, this alloy is ideal.

  2. Very economic cost, just this alloy just contains 10% of tin, the price is much cheaper than the Sn63Pb37 solder bar, just at around 2/5 of the cost.

Additional information of tin lead solder bar Sn10Pb90

This alloy Sn10Pb90 comes in a dull color, not a bright as the high tin alloys. Use the right working temperature to process with this alloy.

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