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Name:tin solder bar
Name:Tin Solder Bar
Alloy:Tin Lead or Lead free
Form:Solder Bar

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Product Description

Tin Solder Bar

What is tin solder bar?

Tin solder bar is a type of solder that is cast into bar form or stick form. 

What is tin solder bar used for?

The tin solder bar is used for majorly two applications. First application is for soldering of electronic components, the tin solder bar will be melted bar in solder bath and then used to solder the PCB or THT components in bulk soldering by the way of dip soldering or wave soldering. Second application is for soldering metals, majorly used in the construction filed, it's used to join two metal sheets such as metal gutters, or used to fill up the gap between joints of metal roofings and flashing.

How many types of tin solder bar can be provided?

In our factory we majorly produce two types of tin solder bar, one is tin/lead alloy solder bar, the other one is lead free solder bar.

Tin/lead alloy tin solder bar: Available in different composition such as tin solder bar 63/37, tin solder bar 60/40, tin solder bar 50/50, tin solder bar 40/60, even low tin one such as tin solder bar 5/95. The tin/lead solder bar is used for electrical soldering, like the 63/37, 60/40, 50/50 and 40/60 are the 4 types that majorly used for soldering of electronic. If for higher end application, generally tin solder bar 63/37 or 60/40 is more proper. While in Western countries, the tin solder bar 60/40, 50/50 and 40/60 are also used for soldering of metals such as copper sheets, steel sheets etc.

Lead free tin solder bar: Available in SAC305 lead free tin solder bar, SAC0307 lead free tin solder bar, SAC07 lead free tin solder bar. The lead free tin solder bar was developed to replace the tin/lead alloy after the lead was proven to be harmful to human health, and in some applications the tin lead alloy is fully banned as per ROHS regulation published in year 2006, only the lead free solder can be used. SAC305 tin solder bar has the best electrical properties and solder-ability among the lead free solder bar family, because it contains silver, but it's also the most expensive one.

If you are looking for tin solder bar in bulk quantity, please contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997; Main website: www.xfsolder.com


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