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Name:Lead free solder bar manufacturer
Name:Lead free solder bar manufacturer
Alloy:Tin Silver Copper
Type:Lead free solder bar

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Product Description

Lead free solder bar manufacturer

Lead free solder bar is a type of solder that is free of lead (Pb) and in replacement silver and copper are used. A lead free solder bar manufacturer will produce different types of solder bars with different composition. The lead free solder bars are designed for wave soldering or dip soldering of PCB & THT bulk soldering, with very good yield.

How many differnt types of lead free solder bar that a manufacturer will produce?

  1. SAC305 lead free solder bar. This type of solder bar has 3% of silver and 0.5% of copper, balance is tin. It's an eutectic alloy, and wetting property is very good at 0.65s. Shearing strength and electrical conductivity is excellent. Good to be used for high precision component soldering and with very little defect rate.

  2. SAC300 lead free solder bar. This type of solder bar is more like a complimentary to SAC305 lead free solder bar, as it's used to add in solder bath of SAC305 to balance the content or percentage of copper ingredient inside the bath.

  3. SACX0307 lead free solder bar. Excellent choice for soldering when cost and quality need to achieve a best balance. SACX0307 has quite similar property comparing to SAC305, though wetting property is slightly weaker than SAC305, but still very good as around 0.75s, comparing to SACX07 which is at about 1s. Yield is high and defect rate is low.

  4. SACX0300 lead free solder bar, complimentary of SACX0307. It's used to fill up the solder bath of SACX0307 to control the percentage of copper inside the bath.

  5. SACX07 lead fee solder bar. Being as a manufacturer of solder bar, if client's are looking the basic function of lead free solders that complies with ROHS, while the requirements of soldering is not very high, defintely SACX07 solder bar would be ideal choice of this.

How lead free solder bar manufacturer produce the product?

The production of lead free solder bar manufacturing is not complicated process, general process as below:

  1. Melting and mixing of alloys. Depending on what composition of the lead free solder that we want to manufacture, we add the right percentage of each metal into our melting pot and melt them.

  2. Stir the melting pot and let the metals well mixed together.

  3. Use dies to cast the bars by pouring those liquidus mixed solder into the dies.

  4. Cooling and remove the solder bars from the dies and pack them into cartons.

If you're looking for a lead free solder bar manufacturer, please contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 , Main website: www.xfsolder.com


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