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Name:lead free solder bar
Name:Lead Free Solder Bar
Type:Tin Lead
Form:Lead Free

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Product Description

Lead Free Solder Bar

What is Lead free solder bar?

Lead free solder bar is a solder alloy that cast of tin, silver and copper, instead of conventional solder that contains lead. The lead free solder bar complies with ROHS regulation.

How many types of lead free solder bar?

Lead free solder bar are majorly divided into three types basing on the compositon, respectively are SAC305 lead free solder bar, SAC0307 lead free solder bar, SACX07 lead free solder bar.

The SAC305 lead free solder bar contains 3.0% silver and 0.5% of copper, balance is tin. It's an euctectic alloy that has liqudus temperature and solidus temperature same at 217℃. The content of 3.0% silver makes this alloy easy to wet, and it can flow easily to fill up holes or joints, electrical conductivity is good, shearing strength and tensile strength is good, surface of solder joint is smooth and slivery bright. Due to the high content of silver, it's more expensive than the other 2 types.

The SAC0307 lead free solder bar contains low silver at 0.3% and copper at 0.7%. The small percentage of silver content still improves the electrical conducvitity of this alloy when comparing to SACX07, but it's not comparable to SAC305 lead free solder bar.

The SACX07 lead free solder bar bears no silver, only tin and copper. It's the cheapest option out of the 3 types. But still has reasonable wetting and fluidity property. 

What is lead free solder bar used for?

  1. Lead free solder bar is used for soldering of electronic components which needs to be lead free & ROHS compliance. If for high precision and high requirement soldering purpose, we strongly recommend SAC305 solder bar, though it's more expensive, but it gives a much better solder joint. If just for general soldering of electronics, SAC0307 solder bar or SACX07 solder bar can both work.

  2. Used for soldering of metals, such as copper sheets, plumbings, jewelry etc.

If you need to buy the lead free solder bar, please contact us for more information and prices. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/wechat: 008613450770997 ; Main website: www.xfsolder.com


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