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Name:Similar alpha lead free solder bar
Name:Alpha lead free solder bar
Alloy:Tin Silver Copper
Form:Solder bar

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Product Description

Similar alpha lead free solder bar

What is alpha lead free solder bar?

The alpha lead free solder bar is one of the major type of solder bar, that is consited of tin, silver and copper, free of lead content. The alpha lead free solder bar is casted into bar solder, used for dip soldering of small work, or wave soldering of factory mass production of electronic components, or used for soldering of metals such as copper pipes etc. It's the ideal replacement to the traditional tin lead solder bar and can be used for applications of which ROHS compliant is necessary.

How many types of alpha lead free solder bar is available?

There are majorly three types of alpha lead free solder bar:

SAC305 lead free solder bar, which means this solder bar is cast with 3.0% of silver, 0.5% of copper and balance to be tin. This solder bar is the best quality out of all the lead free solder bar family for all its superior performance especially for electronic soldering. Only thing is because it contains high percentage of silver, thus it's a bit expensive.

SAC0307 lead free solder bar, that contains 0.3% of silver and 0.7% of copper. This solder bar alloy keeps low percentage of silver, but this silver still gives the alloy a good electrical conductivity. It has similar soldering performance comparing to SAC305 though a bit lower specification than SAC305.

SAC07 lead fre solder bar, only contains 0.7% copper and balance tin. For most general soldering purpose that requires lead free solder that is ROHS compliance, the SAC07 lead free solder bar can be considered. It has affordable cost, reasonable soldering properties.

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